Ruthless Pamela Jean – Carol D Mitchell

The nation has a problem. It’s child bullying. Pamela Jean Metcalf has been bullied since pre-school. By the time she is eight-years-old, it appears few adults can adequately address this problem. When Pamela ask her mother Betty, why she is different, busy Betty has few answers for her only child. Therefore, quietly, with loads of determination, Pamela Jean, who has internalized her pain, faces the issue directly when at 16 two classmates attempt to set her afire in a tunnel. “Run for your life!” the bullies scream. Next, Pamela realizes the only way to irradicate child bullying is to fight back. Later, Pamela learns there is a way to end child-bullying nationwide, via a multi-million dollar male escort business that donates funds vicariously to her nationwide charity. This is a book that highlights a problem that really can be ameliorated, if we teach our children to accept their differences, and own who they are; and face their problems headstrong. Pamela Jean speaks solidly to these issues.

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