The Day Trading Journey: Confessions of a Trader Chick – Marina ‘The Trader Chick’

The Day Trading Journey can be filled with bumps, setbacks and uncertainties, especially when it comes to our mindset and emotions. Without knowing what’s coming (or having the resources to move through them) they can definitely get the better of us. I’ve seen it all, and I’m pulling back the curtain.

Here’s the thing, I’m going to share with you stuff that no one ever talks about, but all pro traders have experienced this one way or another AND HAVE BECOME BETTER PEOPLE because of the journey. As you hear my Day Trading journey, get ready for some roller coaster moments that I wish someone had told me about BEFORE I started. No one tells it like it is. Today, that all changes.

Day Trading is not an easy path, but that’s why the rewards are so fantastic!

The ups and downs that led me to both monumental breakdowns and incredible breakthroughs have been well documented. These swings weren’t only in my trading, but within myself. Ultimately, true grit, persistence and determination led to the greatest success of my life. This has allowed me to live life on MY terms.

This book is all about my personal journey, to inspire you and motivate you to keep going!

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