What should I read next? The question pops into your mind as you finish a book. You want to fill the void and you want to fill it with another book. It is time to go book hunting!

The definition

Book-hunting is the action of searching for new books you want to read or collect.

When you click on a a tweet from your friend who recommends a book you are doing it. When you go to your local book store, ask for a recommendation on where to start and what books are coming out soon – then you are also doing it!

When you are a book hunter, there is no limit for what books you read. You may read classics, non-fiction, autobiographies or even comic books! Everything that will fit your criteria and taste is fine.

However, it goes deeper than just browsing the “best 10 books to read in 2021”. The ultimate goal is to find hidden gems and new exciting authors.

But how do you go about finding therse new great books?

There is no recipe but knowing what you like is always a good starting point. Do you have a favorite genre? You can follow people on twitter who love the same genre, who recommend books and posts about their favorite reads. Do you have a favorite author? Browse his back library and find new gems..

Let’s say you are reading lots of thrillers, you can search for thriller writers on Amazon or ask friends if they have a recommendation. You can even go so far as to do research on thriller authors who released a book last month

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