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  • The Tiergarten Tales by Paolo G. Grossi on bookhunt - discover new books and upvote your favorite authors

    The Tiergarten Tales – Paolo G. Grossi

    Boys and men of Berlin. A captivating journey through their lives, love affairs and misdemeanours across the city’s turbulent history. Felix and Walther bestride a deep class divide, forging an enduring bond in 1890s Prussia. Kaspar and Max navigate the fraught upheavals of the Weimar Republic by skilfully marketing the only commodity in demand. Young […] More

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    Fallen Desire – Alex Stargazer

    The Devil is many things: beautiful, cruel, and sometimes mischievous. But above all he is cunning.  Thrust into Hell against his will, Mark must learn to navigate this fantastical world – a world where demons rule over mortals, and curious little imps can be found spying in hidden nooks and crannies. Mark needs allies, but […] More

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