There are many ways to find out about a new book coming out. You can subscribe to the publisher’s promotional emails, you can sign up for press releases or you can use social media and follow authors on Amazon. Or, of course, there is always the wait until a friend mentions it. All of these methods are great, but if you’re looking for a more exciting approach then there is Book Hunt.

Hunt for new books

Book Hunt is a social book platform that lets users discover new books in a new and exciting way. It was created by a group of friends who saw the need for book discovery. “Our team believes that books have always been better and more fun when shared with friends”, says creator Leonhard. “With Book Hunt, we are creating an interactive experience for readers to “hunt” for new books and unknown authors, discuss them with their friends, and share what’s on their book shelves.”

The platform allows you to browse around and find new books based on your favorite genres or new and popular books that are trending at the moment. It also great for discovering hidden gems.

You get an upvote and you get an upvote.

Once you open the website you can dive right in and start hunting for books. Our community upvotes the books they love, and the books with the most upvotes make it to the top. You can search for new books, authors or even just browse around based on different genres. When you find a book you love, just click the ‘upvote’ button and get it into the trending books section.

What’s next for Book Hunt?

“We are focusing on creating the best reading experience for our users”, says Leonhard. “Our team is continuously improving all elements of the website to make them easier and more intuitive to use.” The creators also have many new features coming up for the website, such as a personal bookshelf that lets you keep track of your favorite reads.

Feature coming soon: Your own bookshelf

As you discover more, you start to build a library of books that is saved for future reading. Your bookshelf will be added to your profile and you can even join the discussions by sharing what books are on your shelf and why or write reviews based on each book.

The Vision

The team at Book Hunt has an exciting vision. “We want to see Book Hunt as a social platform for all authors and readers out there”, says Leonhard. “When you enter Book Hunt, you are becoming part of this huge and living library. It is buzzing with life and it is your place to discover new books. But it is also so much more. It is an opportunity for every author regardless of his or her background to be discovered.”

The Book Hunt team is currently based in Vienna, Austria and they are backed by a passionate community of writers and readers who love the new way of discovering their next read.

So what are you waiting for? Start hunting for new books! The books that are trending now, will be the books on everyone’s shelves tomorrow.