Please read the following guidelines carefully so we can approve your submission. Important: We usually decline submissions that violate our rules.

1. Ground Rules:

a. We do not allow duplicates of the same books.

b. We accept submissions from all over the world but your book must be written in English. Do not submit an English translation of a foreign-language novel. If you’re submitting a book written in German, please visit our German platform:

c. We only accept submissions of books that are available to the public. You must include a link to your book. We do not accept affiliate links. Public availability means that the book can be bought or downloaded by all our readers. A link to Apple Books is not enough. The book must be released. Preorders are not allowed.

2. Headline:

a. Include the title of the book and the name of the author. Use the following format “Title – Author”

Example: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – J. K. Rowling

b. Avoid using a long headline or one with special symbols. Please make sure you include the author’s full name, not an acronym or pseudonym. Do not include publishers, release dates, locations, price and rating of your book or any other text.

3. Text:

a. The first sentences of your submitted text will be used as a preview. So make sure they are compelling and intriguing enough to make people want to read the rest. Please put additional information such as acknowledgements or dedication later in the post.

b We will automatically generate a preview of your book and a link to your Amazon page. Copy and paste your amazon link at the end of the text as specified below:

Example (How you should post it):

“” (without the “”)

After you submit your book the link will automatically convert to a preview field and link the user to the right amazon store:

4. Cover Image:

a. Include an image of a book cover that matches your post. We do not accept any coverless books as submissions. Also, the cover image must be at least 600 Pixels wide.

Important: We do not approve books with smaller images.

Cover Image Example: 600 Pixels (wide) x 900 Pixels (high)

5. Genres

You can pick up to two genres for your book. Simply press Ctrl on your keyboard when you select your preferred genres.

5. Additional Rules:

a. If you want to submit more than one book to Book Hunt, please use separate posts for each book.

6. Your book will be removed from Book Hunt if:

a. You provide inaccurate information. The provided information is not enough for us to identify the submitted book. You abuse our rules by posting inappropriate content or spam (including self-promotion).

b. Every change you make needs to be approved by our moderation team.

c. You will be notified if your submission was not approved and given the reason why. Please review these guidelines and make changes if necessary.

e. If it’s difficult to understand what your book is about, we may decline your submission.