1. Your image is the most important part of your submission

When you are trying to attract as many readers as possible, your book cover is the most important part of your book. We recommend posting it as square and in the form of a mock-up. Make sure it is clean and do not overload it with review texts. Let your cover art do the talking.

2. Add an Amazon preview to your post

Add your Amazon link at the end of your text in the following format: https://amazon.com/book-name/db/youruniquenumber/
Bookhunt will automatically generate a free preview.

3. Make sure you get it right the first time

You can only submit one book per day. If you want to change your submission you need to wait 24 hours. However, if you are not satisfied with your presentation you can delete your book submission and start again the next day.

4. Add a book trailer

It is really simple to add your Youtube video to your bookhunt submission. Copy and paste the URL of your video and we will do the rest.

5. Engage with other authors

Bookhunt is a place to discover and connect. Make sure to browse around and find books you like. Leave comments to engage with like-minded authors.

6. Don`t just copy your book description – make it unique

You have only one opportunity to make an impression. Our users detect low effort posts and are less likely to upvote them. So make sure to add reviews and something about yourself.

7. Share your bookhunt submission

The first hours are crucial. Make sure to share your bookhunt page with your fans to get as many upvotes as possible. Becoming a trending author usually boosts your visibility.

8. Change bookhunt for the better

We are not perfect but we are open for feedback. If you think something is missing or can be approved don`t hesitate to contact us.

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