In this post, we share why Book Hunt is built the way it is and what the main goals are for the platform. We also like to give you some insights into our motivation and values.

The world of publishing is changing and that’s why we are building this platform: To connect self-published authors with our community, so they can feel supported in the quest for recognition and appreciation. And because a network leads to better results for everyone.

We already have a great collection of indie & self-published books, and we continue to work hard to give our community the exciting feeling of “hunting” new books.

A place to share

For authors, there is nothing more exciting than getting their book published. However, what used to be a well-known process is now mysterious and filled with obstacles. Authors find themselves competing against thousands of other writers in their quest to get published.

In the end only a few really make it.

While the digital revolution has made it easier for an unknown writer to self-publish it made it really hard to get noticed.

The world now has millions of self-published writers and our mission is to support and promote all of them. To be able to do that we believe in a platform that connects authors and readers directly.

The idea behind Book Hunt is simple: Every book deserves fair chance to get noticed. It should not matter if your book was published by a famous publishing house or if you are an unknown writer with no budget to advertise your book. For millions of authors around the world, Book Hunt will be the best place to share their book with the world.

A place to discover and influence.

We want the readers to decide which books will be featured. By sharing their finds with other users, they become influencers who help spread recommendations instead of advertising. If you stumble on a book you love our goal is that you tell your friends about it instead of keeping it for yourself.

The book-loving community defines the quality of our platform and we listen carefully to what you have to say.

A place for everybody who loves books.

We want our community to help us bring good books to people and hope that authors feel supported in their creative journey. If our community of early adopters loves what you have written then there is no doubt that every other reader will love it too.

This keeps our algorithm clean which ensures fairness for every author out there who wants their book featured.

It’s time to change publishing.