The Dying Light – Emily Rooke

In the brutal underbelly of the city of Penumbra, nothing comes without a price. When an old enemy sets their sights on his family, the fiercely protective Charlie plunges into a world of witch covens, prison breaks, and dangerous conspiracies, in a desperate race against time to rescue them. Amidst new allies and confusing feelings, Charlie is determined to save everyone – but who will be there to protect him?

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Written by emilyrooke

Emily Rooke is the author of 'The Dying Light' and 'A Silent Night'. She has lived in a number of different cities, including Osaka and Berlin. She was born in the south-east of England and is a graduate of the University of York and King’s College London. She currently lives and writes in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is often anxious and checks things far more often than is necessary. Nothing makes her happier than when she spots a dog coming towards her.

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