You Will Die When You Read This Poem – John Owen and Esther Moraa

There’s more to life than merely living. There’s a real reality than the reality we see, and this, like a stream, overflows from a poet’s deepest feelings, emotions and self. Poets are gods who bring us the world we so much ignore but which are exactly emblematic to our very own selves. But why die for these particular poems? And what will happen when life will die? The answers are enshrined within the golden poems in this book, which are undoubtedly worth your time. You won’t regret opening the first page, so why don’t you?

“I found your poems to be insightful, imaginative, image rich, delightful, and thought provoking to read. The dual approach used in putting the collection together adds a fresh spin to the work and, therefore, making it unique. In some places, this duality made me have a deja vu experience. The poems reveal a simplicity of style, honesty, and vision that characterize our humanity.”
Dr. Imali J. Abala, Professor,
English Department-
Ohio Dominican University.

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