Alchemy of the Soul II Sublimation: A collection of poetry – MercuRea

In Sublimation we continue the journey from Alchemy of the Soul we explore the psyche through poetry, we confront the shadow self, the Chiron themes and the unidentified copying mechanisms, all that which generates in the early childhood and we carry unkowingly to adulthood…laid brilliantly in touching poetry and poetic prose (free verse poetry).

“This is my experience, this is how I’ve got to know what is hidden within myself through interactions, through the refraction of myself in the other; this is a work of meditations handed on a silver plate so others can identify in themselves their hidden fears and strengths”

Paperback edition
ISBN 9789090350400

eBook edition
ISBN 9798201947514

About the author:
MercuRea (Ana M. Valido) is a Spanish expat living in Netherlands; took to writing as a means to cope with anxiety disorder and explore the human emotions and psyche through alchemical and Jungian symbolism.
A lover of philosophy and mysticism in all of its variants, often considered as witch poetess due to the experiences lived, and always in research of knowledge of the true human Soul, the divine and nature.

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