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KNOCK KNOCK – Wynter Adams

One girl…Three men…Fourteen days of HELL! What starts out as an inspirational getaway, soon goes horribly awry for up-and-coming writer Maddison Carter, who after deciding to rent herself a quiet little cabin in the woods to work on her latest novel, finds her evening suddenly interrupted at the arrival of a mysterious stranger at her door…

Not only is Maddison about to have every strength she’s ever known tested to the limit, but she will also discover a side of herself willing to do just about anything to survive…

***Get ready for a new kind of home invasion!***

KNOCK KNOCK – By dark romance author Wynter Adams, perfect for reverse harem/bully romance everywhere! 📖🖤

(WARNING: This book contains graphic content of a very explicit nature!!)

***Look out book 2 in the series: “KNOCK KNOCK II Twist Of Fate, OUT NOW!!***

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Written by wynteradams

Hello delicious readers, my name is Wynter Adams and I am a unique fiction author with a twist! Infusing both slick and stylish method writing into my work, allowing you the reader to experience characters and storylines unlike anything you ever have! I am also unafraid to push boundaries and test unexplored limits, a concept desired by many in the modern world of fictional writing.

Wynter Adams is a British born independent author, currently residing in London England. Her passions are writing, criminology, and the study of psychology. Wynter has been writing for approximately 6 years now, and already has an outstanding sense of engaging and retaining her audience through the exciting books she writes - in particular dark romance, reverse harem, and psychological thrillers. Wynter also prides herself on her unique stance of method writing, allowing reader's to experience both powerful and authentic characters, along with compelling storylines, and well thought out originality through her work.
Her titles include the dark and twisted psychological"KNOCK KNOCK" series, along with erotic made-for-movie thriller "BITTERSWEET".
So if you love on-the-edge-of-your-seat books with unforgettable storylines, and jaw dropping plot-twists, then Wynter Adams is the exact author for you!
Not only does she have a dedicated passion for her work, but she genuinely takes the time to engage with her audience, and provide reader's with regular and exciting content.

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