The Cradle – Ron Sami

A shaky peace reigns on the vast continent of Atonkaris, with conspiracies and riots brewing everywhere.

A simple fisherman finds the corpse of a stranger and unknown artifacts. For the sake of his family, he decides to take on a difficult and unusual business.

Yves Maurirta is the prince of the Cradle. He is bound by a deadly promise. Will he be able to abandon the fatal and dangerous Journey, from which no one has yet returned?

He has no name. There is only a nickname – the Gift. He is so young, but already a member of a brutal gang, and they go to kill. What will he become? What will be his fate?

The Cradle is the first book in a new series – The Eagre. The Cradle is an epic fantasy set in a vast new world with ancient belief systems, dark magic, and undiscovered lands. The series is ideal for fans of George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, or Brandon Sanderson.

The Cradle is FREE to download on Amazon from 31 Aug to 4 Sept.


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