Magic and Other Illusions – Ava Reese

“Have you considered what good you may do with your magic?” asked Beauvau.

Cecily considered this for the first time. “Yes…there are some spells one might use, for pockmarks and things, which if bound to charms I might…give to the poor?”

Sixteen-year-old Cecily is without fortune or marriage prospects, but she has a stunning, secret gift for illusion spells. While staying with her wealthy cousins, Cecily starts using her magic to meddle in the lives around her. A fixed blemish can make a boring suitor more bearable. A well-placed hedge can hasten a marriage proposal. But as others find out about her magic, she finds herself wrapped up in the devious plans of her cousins. Cecily cannot untangle herself without giving up her future. Only Mr. Gabriel Beauveau, the philosophical Frenchman who sends Cecily’s heart racing, stands between her and complete, magical ruin.

Inspired by Greek mythology, this novel brings a world of magic to Georgian England.

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