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The Munchkins – Candice Zee

Thirteen extraordinary children with mysterious powers.

Their loving and protective father.

.And a sociopathic neighbor who knows them better than they know themselves.

When Capricorn Munch and her twelve siblings appear outside a children’s home, no one, including themselves, knows who they are or where they came from. At ten years old they stop aging, as she and her siblings develop powers that gift them with incredible abilities, like healing wounds and manifesting objects. They keep these powers secret and their adoptive father restricts their use. Capricorn strives to live a normal life, blissfully playing with her favorite sisters, witty and bold Allie, empathic and wise Breezy, and giddy and sweet Hazy.

But now a sudden threat has intruded on their carefree lives: Their next-door neighbor, a man who calls himself Big Boss. Capricorn watches fretfully as Big Boss encroaches on her family like a malevolent force, feeding hostility between her siblings and causing them to be reckless with their powers. Capricorn knows Big Boss is plotting something sinister and can only pray it doesn’t end in ultimate doom for her and her family.

“Told in a fast-paced narrative voice with complex characters, the exhilarating fantasy will keep readers guessing until the very end—all while falling in love with the quirky cast. The book deserved to be made into a movie or a web series.” – The Prairies Book Review

“A Harry Potter-type fantasy that will keep young readers enraptured from beginning to end.”- Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorite

“A study of the superhero story as universal human motivation to confront existential realities.” -Vincent Dublado, Readers’ Favorite

“I was on the edge of my seat as the plot became more and more terrifying.” -Kristine Zimmerman, Readers’ Favorite

“As the siblings struggle to confront a growing evil and support one another, readers are drawn into a tale replete with magic, insight, and unexpected twists and turns, all woven into an adventure of connection and evolving abilities. Readers who like stories of family relationships, changing abilities, magic, and adversity will find all these elements and more in The Munchkins. Its action-packed story is more firmly rooted in family and interpersonal connections than most, and creates a satisfying adventure as siblings fight to preserve their family. Collections strong in stories of magic and family evolution will find The Munchkins a fine addition.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

About the Author:

Candice Zee is a middle-grade and YA fantasy writer who first dreamed the idea of The Munchkins as a child while playing make-believe with her brother in Wilkes-Barre, PA. She is an early childhood teacher with an M.Ed. in Elementary Education and has taught for over twelve years in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and primary grade classrooms. Like Casey Munch in her book series, she is passionate about creating a more just and equitable world. She savors vegan food, loves board games and podcasts, relishes horror movies and novels, devours social science nonfiction, spontaneously belts out tunes from musicals, and does some of her best writing while drinking coffee at 1 AM. She lives in Cleveland, OH with her wife Dana and their dog companion Solstice. The Munchkins is her debut novel. More information about her book series and the characters can be found at

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