Kindness is Wonderful: A Children’s Book About Care and Empathy – Hanna Yameen

Teach your children the art of kindness. Kindness is powerful. Kindness is magic.

This preschool illustration book highlights the way kindness creates compassion, care, and empathy in early age children.

This amazing book with beautiful illustrations explains to your child in a simple and interesting way how to be kind and caring.

Guiding through characters and illustrations, the book will help your child:

  • express, empathy, and care for others
  • respect parents, friends, and classmates
  • help elderly people
  • know about nice manners
  • love nature and the environment
  • care for animals

In addition, the book contains an exercise for kids to list the acts of kindness they have done in their daily routines.

This beautiful picture book shows preschoolers the way kindness, compassion and empathy help build friendship and community.

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