When Echo Fell Silent – Floris Eloff

A richly illustrated bedtime story set in Africa for 2 to 8 year olds with beautiful illustrations by the author Floris Eloff, this book shows how our individual skills, talents and abilities are treasured and appreciated when they are shared.

This is the story of Echo who, as all the animals in the valley already know, lives alone in his cave, high up in the mountains that surround the valley.

From his cave, Echo listens to the animals and is always ready with a taunt, repeating their roars, barks, growls, chirps, clucks, hoots, squeaks and bellows down in the valley below.

One day, when Echo was nowhere to be heard, the animals came together, each with their own unique abilities, to help Echo who was clearly in need of some assistance. Available in eBook and large soft cover. (7×10 inches)

Beautiful illustrations by the author/artist Floris Eloff.

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Written by floriseloff

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