Journeys of Life Vol 3 -Sabinah Adewole

Sabinah Adewole is a best seller and has enjoyed reading from a young child . She studied English and her poetry has been informed from her experiences on her journeys of Life which has inspired a lot of readers across the globe.
Journeys of Life Volume 3 is her third poetry book. All her books can be found on Amazon across many countries. She continues to use her poetry to inspire her audience. She started writing poetry from a park bench in Gidea park in May 2018. Her first poetry book Journeys of Life (Vol1) was published in Feb 2019 ,second book Journeys of Life was published in Dec 2019. (Vol 2)

Her first Children poetry book A Child’s journey through poetry (Vol 1) was published in America in Dec 2019 and is a best seller. Copies are available in North America on Ingram and in Canada.
This book has captured poems written in United Kingdom, Luton Hoo, Canterbury,Antalya Nigeria and AbuDhabi and has been influenced from the various workshops she has been a part of. Sabinah has grown on the Poetry circuit, she has gone around various circuits promoting her poetry and this has been evident in most of her poems.
Sabinah’s poetry is informative to an every day audience and would impart on any one from all crosses of life , her poetry is for everyone and and some examples of her poems in this book are

Sounds of Space, Leaves of Change, Oomph exercise,Love escalator, Kitchen perfect ,The artist , A lovely day in the park, Flags of Nations ,Wuhan Corona virus to mention a few.
She is passionate , creative , determined , enthusiastic with a positive mindset and this can be captured in her poetry. She hopes that her poetry will have a lasting effect on any one across the globe.
In her words

If and when her words touch as many people, she is happy that She has fulfilled one of her goals in life

About her writing
Sabinah’s Poetry has been inspired by her faith. A number of the poems are centred around faith and she encourages the reader to develop his or her own faith but the message is not overly pushy.
Her poems are written in free prose style bringing out the truth and beauty in everyday living.

Some of her poems are classified as Haiku, Episolatory, Allusion ,How- to -poems ,Object poems , Smell Poetry, Split or Cento poetry and Ekphrastic poems.

This book would serve to connect families together , Grand parents, Parents and Children and Travel. it is a journey of Poems that the Author has come across on her travels and will connect with anyone or any groups looking for inspiration. it can be used in Schools, Reading Groups or family settings and it is for anyone to enjoy in the comfort of their home.

Enjoy themes of Nature, Travel, Love, Self worth , Seeing Inspiration and Transformation of the Author through a different lense of life on a Journey.

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