Redead – Tim Gould

Redead is an imaginative twist on the zombie genre with equal doses of action, humor, and heart. (action/adventure/comedy/thriller)

A disgraced college football star finds himself long past his pinnacle. Left with a head full of bad memories he numbs with prescription pills and meaningless sex, he staggers through life just waiting for it to end – until a sudden zombie outbreak gives him newfound purpose.

Banding together with his former best friend, a nurse, and a Pre-Med frat boy, our mouthy anti-hero embarks on a journey that is as much about rediscovering what it actually means to be alive as it is about survival. And every time he thinks things can’t get any more ridiculous…they do. The only thing guaranteed to survive is his sense of humor.

Full of hyper-realistic dialogue and clever humor, the fast-paced storytelling, and relatable character development make for an entertaining read that you won’t want to put down.

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