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World of Trouble: Tribulation of Dax – Thom Brannan

The world as we know it ended, but after a brief 15-year period of rising dead and spreading chaos, things are more or less back to normal. The maps of the world have changed, now including miles-wide Black Zones, and state lines have been redrawn.

In the aftermath, a game show arose: Cemetery Gates, where contestants test their mettle against the walking dead. The winners go on to fortune and fame, and the losers… well, they’re taken care of by the next round of contestants. Enter Terry Dax, who uncovers a secret so explosive, Of The Dead, LLC has decreed Dax will die, and he will die on Cemetery Gates!

Things only go downhill from there. Zombies, bounty hunters, pirate-themed gangs, mega-corporations and an entire six-pack of whup-ass. World of Trouble is a zombie/corporate espionage/adventure story, equally inspired by The Running Man, Richard Stark’s Parker novels, and Dawn of the Dead.

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