April in Paris – John J Healey

A transatlantic novel for fans of A.S. Byattand Don DeLillo. 

Shaun is an American professor enjoying his sabbatical—and his substantial inheritance—in Paris, until one night when he is startled awake by a nightmare. His attempts to decipher the dream lead him to a New York murder trial that occurred in 1916 in the Bronx. 

Upon discovering that the murder took place in the basement of his father’s childhood apartment building and having no recollection of being told about it in his boyhood, Shaun explores the possibility of a repressed memory. His amateur, but psychologically astute, investigation coincides with the beginning of his first serious romance since the death of his wife five years earlier. By the time he uncovers the shocking truth behind the case, he has traveled to Spain, New York, Sweden, and back to France.

While deciphering a murder that hits close to home, John J. Healey offers an intimate tale of love, family, and the complexities of the human heart.

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