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Endangered Species – Nate Littlefield

A documentary research expedition along the US Gulf Coast becomes imperiled by three unscrupulous poachers hunting for an exceedingly rare turtle. Capturing the turtle for monetary gain would be an ecological loss. It could also lead to a human tragedy.

The poachers, driven by greed, will let nothing get in their way. This includes Alex Nolen, divemaster and captain of the charter boat SeaStar, his friends, and the beautiful marine researcher he has just met.

When a team of underwater videographers charter the SeaStar to film a documentary, their journey takes them from the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico to Florida’s long and winding Escambia River. A chance encounter with the poachers changes everything. Poachers, however, may not be the only danger. Something lurks beneath the murky waters of the river that may pose an even greater threat. Could this be Alex Nolen’s last dive?

Endangered Species, the first book in the Southern Waters Adventure Series, is a fun adventure/suspense novel that all readers in the family can enjoy. Each book in the Southern Waters series may be read in order of publication date or as a stand-alone novel.

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