The Butcherbird Tree – Steven Richard Harris

It´s nineteen ninety-four, a year when the Internet and Amazon are still in their infancy, Mandela blows away the shackles of apartheid, and O.J Simpson´s escape from the law is broadcast to millions. It is also the year that Simon Webb first openly expresses the desire to end his own life.

Within the walls of Frank Newman´s austere consulting room, eighteen-year-old Simon confesses his darkest thoughts as his psychologist – plagued by his own conflictive personal doubts – tries desperately to find a way out of the maelstrom of guilt, self-harm and violent dreams that are consuming his enigmatic client.

These emotionally-charged sessions soon turn into something more sinister, however, after the death of grunge music´s brightest star begins to unravel the true meaning of Simon´s brutal nightmares.

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Written by srharris

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