Unwritten Crimes – Kayla Serrano

After being cheated on by her fiancé, Arielle, a young writer, moves from her hometown to the East Coast and settles in a small town in Rhode Island. There she finds solace, along with new friends and new love interests. Life is great, even though she is getting pressure from her publisher to write the next book in her series. Arielle holds tightly to the perfect sanctuary that becomes her new home, expecting no one will know who she is. She plans to keep this secret close.

Not long after her new life starts, her surroundings quickly change from safe and glorious to suspicious and dangerous. Strange occurrences start happening to her at home and to her friends. A stalker is born in this small New England town, but who could it be? Is this random, or do they know who Arielle truly is, and better yet, what do they want with her? When her old life and new life meet, no one is safe. The young writer fights for her life and sanity as she is caught in a game of cat and mouse with nowhere to turn to and no one to help keep her safe.

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