Storyteller – J.L. Kodanko

She knows all the legends, but she doesn’t know her own story.

Reka has a gift for storytelling and loves spinning tales around the fire to entertain her traveling troupe of acrobats. She tells tales of mythical creatures, of the old king who ruled Orosea and of the upheaval his sons brought upon the land centuries ago. But what if the stories she tells are more than just myth? As Reka is drawn into the still unfolding story of her drought-ravaged land, she finds that she may have a bigger role to play than just surviving another day. Accompanied by her faithful friends, and a warrior whose cynicism matches his skills with a sword, Reka coaxes everyone around her to become the best version of themselves. Will loyalty and friendship prove strong enough as Reka discovers the truth about herself, and the others around her? Or will it tear them apart? Is there hope for a better future in Orosea?

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Written by jlkodanko

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