Butterfly Wings – Kasthuri Packiyanathan

A poetry book that takes you through the emotions of life and helps to use that pain to rebuild your wings once again. Broken down into three sections – love, pain and believe, the poems are written by the author to create an emotional connection to how every feeling is valid and how it is possible to overcome the difficult ones while enjoying the happy ones. The theme of the butterfly is used to represent the invisible wings we all possess but need to learn to spread them more often and fly freely.

About the writer:

Kasthuri Packiyanathan is an elementary school teacher come poet. She uses her experiences throughout her life to express through words love, pain and how to believe again. She began to write as an outlet then began to share it with the world knowing that there are many others just like her that go through the rollercoaster of life and feel all the same emotions. When she is not writing she is spending time with her family or painting. You can find more of her poetry and art at:


Back cover:

This is a book that will carry you through the emotions that I have gone through personally or have felt through others.

It took a long time for me to realize these emotions were not just special to me – I was not alone in any of them. We all feel them, we all share them.

I felt at ease writing out my memories and emotions – it reminded me of all the love I had around me, it helped me let go of so much that I had been holding on for too long and I found it easier just to have hope and believe again.

I hope reading these poems does the same for you.

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