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The Stricken Twins – Stephen Curtis

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A dark fantasy fairy tale set in the dark ages, with elements of mild horror and dark humour.

This is book two from the series Dark Tales from the Stricken Forest. The story is self contained, you do not need to read book one (Gristle in the Stew) first in order to fully enjoy and follow this story.   However reading book one first may clear up certain world plot points that may not be fully explained in detail in this book.

Like Book 1, all names in the book are Welsh.

Features certain characters from the first book, it continues their adventures. ( Saying anything more would create spoilers ).

Rhys and Gruffudd lived in the castle on the hill, the twin sons of the local master. The master had become ill and now the sons were in full charge. They wasted no time using their power and influence on the local people and their first task was to arrange the annual summer feast. They had in mind a very special dish, but soon events would soon take an unexpected turn for them and their guests…

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