The Green Boy – Sherif Guirguis

Ethan shouldn’t exist. Not in Agartha, or anywhere.

In Agartha, people belong to six nations according to the color of their aura, each with their own abilities derived from their souls. Fourteen-year-old Ethan has a green aura. There is a significant problem with that.

The Dragon Lady wiped the Green aura nation twenty years ago.

Only one person knows the answer to Ethan’s mystery, The Chronicler of Agartha, but to reach him, Ethan has to travel thousands of miles in dangerous lands, infested with mythical and magical predators.

Can he persevere or will he die alone? And if he perseveres, what price he has to pay?

Meanwhile, a prophecy predicted the end of two worlds, and in its center is Ethan, The Green Boy.

The fates are watching, calculating, and measuring…

No one has escaped their mandated fate — until now.

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Written by sherifguirguis

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