Love, Secrets, Betrayal, and Deaths – Marcia M Edwards

David came from a filthy rich family. When he first laid eyes on his ex-wife, he was in love. However, things did not work out the way he thought they would. Because his ex-wife was very poor, his family did not accept their relationship. However, he married her while being in high school. His ex-wife, Rebecca on the other hand had a lot of secrets up her sleeve. Her mother died and she was adopted. She has two other sisters, but they left and went away because of the abuse from their adopted mother.

Together, they had four kids, none of whom belongs to David. She was raped when she first got pregnant by four men, so she is uncertain who is her first child’s father. While attending high school, she also had a crush on the preacher’s son, Scott. On the day of her wedding to David, she spent the night with Scott, and they had an affair occasionally.

Being in a different state, with a new wife, David continued practicing as a great physician, living a great life (so he thought), but his current wife also had secrets, terrible secrets. First, she hid a child from David for years and she hid the fact that she was already pregnant before she and David got married.  She has twins and David loved them dearly. One of the twins, Sophie was spoiled, disobedient, and abused by her father (her mother’s first love with whom she still cheats on David with). She contracted HIV, got on drugs, and eventually committed suicide. After learning of her daughter’s death, Delores took her own life as well.

A few months later after David’s ex-wife decided to move to where he lived, he found out later that he was not the father of any of the kids that these women had, only the twin he and his ex-wife had when they remarried. He had a heart attack and died. Rebecca got hooked on drugs and just as her adopted mother sold her to men, so she did her last daughter who contracted HIV as well. The story ended where she got drunk, got into an accident with someone killing her and her unborn baby. She later died in the hospital confessing to her older daughter the reasons why she kept those secrets all those years, while revealing to her that David was not her biological father, she had no idea who was.

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