Summer Lake Heat – Synthia Stone

She’s a fledgling artist. He’s a successful businessman with a broken heart. Together, they take the home design business by storm and find love in the process.

Summer Taylor’s career dreams dissolve as she loses her art teaching job. She fears she’s failing at life until she meets this scruffy guy in a bar who offers her a job—a guy in work boots who claims to be a CEO. With nowhere else to turn, Summer jumps in headfirst. She’s determined to brand Derek’s company and bring it into the twenty-first century.

Derek Nash, owner of the most prosperous home design business in the city, finds Summer’s drive and passion for art fascinating. Despite the age difference, he finds her an indispensable part of the company and a vital part of his life.

As troubles, ranging from trust issues to a jealous ex and overbearing father, pound them wave after wave, Summer and Derek will have to learn how to forgive. Fireworks light up the Tennessee sky as passion ignites between these two on Edgewood Lake.

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