Beautiful Mess (Sinners High 1) – Melody Adams

They are rich, privileged, vicious, unscrupulous and they are the undisputed rulers of Sinners High – They are the KINGS.

K for Kent

I for Ian

N for Nate

G for Gregory

S for Seth

Abby is beautiful and she is an absolute mess. Nobody knows her story. It is my job to break her. I’m not allowed to touch her. She’s off-limits. Bullying her not only awakens my sadistic beast. I want her as I’ve never wanted any girl before. When Nate finally gives me the green light to do whatever I want with her, anything becomes possible.

Game on, Abbygirl. I’m coming for you!

Kent is handsome, rich, and the devil himself. Ever since I came to Sinners High, he has made my life a living hell. As if my life isn’t bad enough already. I hate him like I’ve never hated a guy before. But when he touches me, I go up in flames. I was broken before I met him, but Kent is the one who will destroy me for good.

Trigger warning

This book is a Bully Romance and covers dark topics like rape, abuse, bulimia, borderline, suicide and bullying.

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