Apocalypse: understanding the book of Revelation, Dr. Andrew C S Koh

The Book of Revelation is the most challenging New Testament book to understand. This is God’s message regarding future world events. This book unlocks the meaning of words, verses, symbols, and personalities in the book of Revelation. It lays out God’s overarching plan of salvation and promises for you. Practical and relevant insights will help you understand Revelation whether you are a bible student, bible scholar, or somewhere in between.

Three 5 stars reviews from USA!

Enjoyable! For any student of Christianity and the Bible, Dr. Koh’s book is an enjoyable way to experience the Book of Revelation and understand its intricacies. A very good book, Rowan E Creech, Goodreads, 5 stars

Timely! A timely book written in everyday language that demystifies this daunting book of the Bible! Dr. Koh explains the instructions of John the Apostle to his seven churches on how they are to behave generally, and what they need to do to get ready for coming tribulation, The author also conveys the Apostle’s message of joy, namely that Christ wins the victory in the end, Hilary Walker, Amazon, Goodreads, 5 stars

Captivating! A storyline that continues to keep individuals of all faiths and religions captivated.  This novel is a story written following the works of John as closely as possible, but one in which the reader must form his/her own opinion of a story written nearly 2,000 years ago and now interpreted yet again.  You will follow the story and draw your own storyline.  I received this novel from StoryOrigin.  This is my true and honest review, Pamela Anne Reinert, Goodreads, 5 stars


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Dr. Andrew C S Koh is a retired cardiologist, writer, publisher, and blogger. A near-death experience in 2019 jumped started his writing career and publication of his first book Memoirs of a Doctor in 2020. Since then, he had authored and published 38 Christian books including commentaries on every New Testament book and 5 in the Old Testament. He studied Theology at Laidlaw Bible College, Auckland, New Zealand. He lives in Malaysia and enjoys a premium cup of coffee on a warm sunny day.

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