Hoping, Healing, & Whole-ish – Mariah Miller

Have you ever had that butterfingers moment when you drop a bowl and watch as it shatters in slow motion? Pieces fly everywhere and you’re not sure you’ll ever find them all again. Have you ever felt like that broken bowl yourself, shattered into a thousand pieces that won’t ever be whole? Worse yet, have you ever been broken yourself and still trying to be the glue putting someone else back together? It’s a terrifying, helpless, and lonely place. And I’ve been there.

It’s time to learn to hope after loss, heal from the pain, and become whole again. This book is you picking up those broken pieces one at a time.

  • Learn from broken people in scripture who are being beautifully restored.
  • Reflect on your own broken pieces with thoughtful questions and prompts.
  • Pray through that broken place you’re afraid will never heal.

You may be helpless to heal those you love most, tired of hoping for restoration, and so far from whole you’ve adopted a different identity. And yet I promise God will lovingly put you back together and work miracles you could never have imagined.

Don’t wait! This book will be a little glue for your broken pieces. You won’t heal overnight, and neither will I. But you have a choice. Keep staring at the broken pieces or start letting God remake them today. What will you choose?

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