To Heaven and Back With Angels – Timothy Peak

An amazing true story about the author having a brief visit to Heaven and speaking with Angels there and here! A must read for everyone!

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Written by tkpeak

Hello, I am a 57 year old male from western Pennsylvania who had an amazing journey to heaven during brain surgery and spoke with Angels there and here! These Angels have so much love for us that you can actually (Feel) their love. These Angels wanted me to go back and tell as many people as I can what Heaven is like and what our Heavenly father expects from us while we are here. I didnt know how I was going to do this until the priests at my church thought a book would be a great way to do that. I was not an author at that time and I kept putting it off. I thought about what the Angel told me and that was.....Tell as many people as I can and dont be discouraged by other peoples negative judgments. I then wrote the book. Its an amazing true story and I hope everyone will read and share. Thank You and God Bless!!

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