The Doll – Elizabeth Andrews

A mysterious doll, a centuries old curse and a vengeful witch.

An antique doll comes into the possession of Paul Goodfellow, a vicar in the small market town of Dorchester. He reluctantly agrees to take it after the horrific death of its previous owner but soon regrets his decision as the rumours concerning the doll seem to be true. Paul is at his wits end until a parishioner suggests he consult the local witch, Queenie Beresford.

She becomes increasingly disturbed as she realises that the doll has an evil curse attached to it. It becomes evident how dangerous the situation is when the owner of the doll comes back to claim it.

She is the most formidable adversary Queenie has ever faced and it is only with the help of her sister Sybil and Paul, the Vicar, that they overcome her, her coven and the Hell Hounds that she sets against them.

To stop her wreaking vengeance on the inhabitants of Queenie’s home of Dorchester and laying waste to the town Queenie must dig deep and use every bit of cunning and occult knowledge that she has.

The Doll is the the fourth in the Psychic Sisters Series.

#1 The Lavender Witch #2 The Cunning Man #3 The Haunting of Stoke Water #5 From The Ashes, a sequel to The Doll will be released 2021

“This is a brilliant book with a mixture of humour from Queenies bluntness and mild horror of their dealings with the witches.”

“The pair make a couple of really good witches!”

“Brilliant series.”

“Terrific story. I liked how the story flowed and was hooked from the very beginning.”

“This was a much darker adventure for the Psychic Sisters than the previous three books and I enjoyed it immensely. Powerful imagery, interesting new characters and a rattling good plot”

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