The Ecstatic Stock Market – David Rasmussen

Is this a stock bubble? Absolutely. Accept its ecstatic destiny.

David Rasmussen has been studying the stock market for over 3 decades. He has lived through multiple bubbles including the Japanesse asset bubble ending in 1989, the Nasdaq Tech bubble of 2000, the real estate bubble ended in 2007, and the China equity bubble in 2015.

All these bubbles share something in common. They reside inside a much larger bubble. And it turns out this larger bubble is unfolding in a surprisingly quantifiable and predicable fashion.

β€œThe Ecstatic Stock Market,” shows how this is rooted in science and how it has profound implications not only for investors, but for everyone living in this amazing time.

If you are investing or trading in ETF’s, stocks, cryptocurrencies or commodities, this book is a must read.

2.99 EBOOK FOR LIMITED TIME. Paperback 16.99 Hardcover 29.00

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