Moira – Deepak Agrawal

That a woman’s mind is akin to a labyrinth of impossibility, best left on its own, is but a common cliché of the day. Mihika Singh, our kind protagonist, the prodigal but overly sensitive child, grows up to be a woman ruthless in pursuing her ambitions, yet rooted to her moral soil while breathing life to her dreams. However, with a career par excellence, she grapples to hold on to the reins of her love life. We live her story with her as she holds a mirror to her own heart to reflect on her approach to propinquity, commitment and pain, trying to make sense of it all. She isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes and owns them too, taking lessons out of each one of them. As the seasons of her love life change, she explores different facets of intimacy in love, and each time rediscovers herself in it. In this long, tumultuous journey of moving only but ahead, does she stop for someone finally for what it’s worth? Or does destiny prove too strong a force to conquer? Let us hear it from her…

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