The Dark Tetrad: A Kori Briggs Novel – A.P. Rawls

“Fans of spy actioners will revel in this swift-moving adventure and its delightful heroine… a refreshingly modern feminine take on James Bond.” –Book Life

Meet Kori Briggs…

…astute, fearless member of an elite and super-secret American intelligence team. A self-described “femme badass,” Kori is a highly trained agent, an expert in self-defense, a dedicated Scotch drinker, and a drop-dead beauty whose closest friend is her Glock nine-millimeter Luger.

In this action-packed Kori Briggs debut novel, Kori is on the trail of a madman who has managed to steal a hundred pounds of uranium and, with the help of an equally twisted Russian scientist, is intent on detonating a nuclear bomb somewhere in the world. But when and where?

Come along with Kori on this vicarious thrill ride as she follows clues from Washington, DC to New York City, Russia, Israel, and finally, Paris, the “City of Lights.”

There is action, there is romance, there is adventure. And behind it all, there is the incomparable spirit of Kori Briggs.

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