Heart of Scone – Allen Henry

Placid Harbor is a quaint little town on the Oregon coast where the food is so good you could just die.

Harriet had been minding her own business when a troubled young man came into her bakery cafe. She couldn’t know that he was on a wayward errand that would turn out to have lethal consequences. When a grisly shooting happens at the annual town fundraising event, she finds herself in the middle of a banquet of deceit and contradicting stories that only she can untangle. The killer is still at large, but now the evidence is pointing squarely at Harriet. Will she manage to clear her name and find the culprit before more bodies stack up like pancakes?

Join Magda, Harriet’s adorable corgi, and come along for a deliciously deadly cozy adventure set on the mysterious Oregon coast. Also included is the recipe for the Scone that Killed Bobby.

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