SHARING THE QUEST: Secrets of Self-Understanding – Muz Murray (Ramana Baba)

Sharing the Quest shows you ways to control your unruly mind, explains what it really is, how it works, and what mental attitudes are holding you back. This book is a cornucopia of secret yoga practices, modes of meditation, and practical methods that lighten your heart and help you to avoid depression.  Readers find it answers many of the pressing problems in the spiritual path they have been grappling with for years.

One of Britain’s most renowned mystic masters, Muz Murray (known as Ramana Baba in India), a real-life ‘Indiana Jones-style’ spiritual adventurer, whose own inner quest for spiritual ‘treasure’ led him to trek down the whole length of Africa, traverse deserts, study with Sufi dervishes in Turkey and Iran, and live as a sadhu or mendicant monk during three years of ascetic wandering in India, here distills the essence of his enlightened findings.

His fascinating visionary insights are shared in answer to searching questions from his students and seekers on the spiritual path. His unravellings of knotty metaphysical problems make the most difficult ideas understandable to all.

Written in an easy manner, with characteristic warmth and humor, the book pulls no punches and tells it like it is.

The author reveals the essential initiatic secrets of over a half-century of world-wandering, spiritual research, and experience in many differing mystical traditions.

Sharing the Quest inspires one with a sense of spiritual universality and the deepening awareness that the state of illumination is achievable by us all.

A loving, caring, and uplifting book that truly inspires and feeds the soul.

Absolutely Brilliant!

“I’ve read many mystic/spiritual books, but Sharing the Quest is definitely in my top 5. It is written in a brilliant way that made me question my whole existence and my life in general. It blew my mind away and I feel I will never be the same after reading it. A life-changing book.

” A must-read for anybody that is looking for “answers”.                  —Amazon reviewer


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