Chosen – Heather N Russell

Growing up feeling insignificant and anchorless in foster care, Seline never expected to one day step through her front door into a world where myth and magic reigned. An ancient Fae prophecy names her Chosen, a hero meant to reunite the worlds of Earth and Fae. Blood-hungry enemies from the darkest of Earth legends seek conquest rather than unity, threatening the future she is called to initiate.

While forces of evil gather to take control of one world in pursuit of the the other, Seline fumbles for mastery of new magical gifts and struggles to come to terms with destiny. Unexpected friends teach her trust, powerful enemies challenge her soul, and a memory wakens a long-forgotten identity. Can she fulfill the destiny written for her long ago and unite worlds divided by ancient treachery, or will evil consume the future as well as the past?

Pure of heart and human
A chosen warrior comes
The barrier shall be broken
Two worlds unite as one

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