Thoughts of You: A Poetic Journey through Love, Pain, Relationships & Acceptance – Krishawna Crum

A life well-lived is one filled with emotion. From the mundane to elation, love, pain, sorrow, stress, strain, and everything in between, we are here to embrace our experiences, and hopefully, learn something along the way.

“Thoughts of You: A Poetic Journey Through Love, Pain, Relationships & Acceptance” explores the raw emotions of everyday life. It invites readers to reminisce, reconcile, acknowledge, and embrace their past and keep a keen eye on their future.

If you’ve known the joys of life or experienced the highs of new, profound love or even struggled to get through one more minute, one more hour― this poignant poetic journey is for you. It’s a balm for the soul, a salve for old wounds, and a much-needed inspiration for the path forward.

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