The Trouble with Dreamers – Starlight Tucker

The Trouble with Dreamers is a mystery set in the future about why Landon Brauns has visions and dreams of a time far before he existed. The corneal implant gives society a completely hands-free and paperless world of technology, but occasionally, it can malfunction. Landon watches the story of a mysterious couple play out and tries to piece it together, unsure if what he is seeing is a technical error or a dreamlike love story worth watching.

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Written by starlighttucker

Starlight Tucker is a professional writer from Phoenix, Arizona and has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Grand Canyon University. She began her first novel at the age of 14 and self-published it at 20. A writer of both novels and short stories, her fiction is inspired by surrealism, philosophy, and poetic syntax. Starlight is passionate about how creativity brings people closer to their inner selves and presents miraculous opportunities to collaborate. Aside from writing fiction and blogs, Starlight also creates music and artwork. She embraces the arts and all of its branches as her true calling. Visit to stay in the loop about her projects in art, writing, and music.

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