The lies we were promised – Rachel Ivan

Kerensa Oldfield is shocked to find herself in pursues by human traffickers after a search for her missing father leads her to South India

Three children.
Three lives crushed.

Maya: Abducted at just five years old, she imagines a life playing outside in the sunshine.
Preeti: The kidnapped young daughter of senior journalist Kaian Achari, is unaware a reward has been offered for her safe return.
Mano: Abandoned on the streets by those he trusted the most, the young boy is lured to the Middle East with the promise of a better life.

Desperate to find the father who left suddenly when she was five, a cry for help by her bipolar mother spurs Kerensa to leave behind the safety of her life in London, for an unknown, and often dangerous world.
After befriending the enigmatic Aruna, Kerensa stumbles on details of locally trafficked children, but is unsure whom she can trust. Thrown in a squalid Indian jail, drugged and captured by the ruthless traffickers, Kerensa has all hopes of meeting her father dashed. After all the heartache, will life give her the answers that she so desperately needs?

The lies we were promised is a gripping, unforgettable tale of social injustices, tragedy and hope against all the odds that will keep you at the edge of your seat, turning pages until its mind-blowing climax.

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