The House Near Fallowfield – James Fillmore

North of England, 1964. 

The sombre clouds of the postwar are now in the past. But the shadows remain. After the recent death of her father, Frankie, a young English widow living in the US, returns home and becomes entangled in a war mystery. Strange men follow her, watch her and Frankie starts fearing for her life. 

Looking for the answers, she meets Albert, a mystery author who lives nearby and ventures to help her. When they get themselves caught in the middle of a dangerous international plot they find out Frankie’s father was involved in a bizarre puzzle. 

She is dragged in as the key to its solution.

“The House Near Fallowfield” is an exciting story of mystery, adventure, romance and betrayal set in the 1960s. 

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Written by jamespfillmore

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