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This book is your complete guide to putting yourself first.

We are living in a hectic world! The rise of technology means we can work faster, longer and build a successful career from anywhere we like, including the comfort of our homes.

But does working harder equate to greater success? Not necessarily.

We are working longer hours. There is always an upcoming family gathering, social event, educational experience. In an endless cycle we plough through laundry, walk the dog, get groceries done, pick the kids up from school, scroll through social media, cook dinner.

We wear 101 different hats and then wonder where those 24 hours went.

But time is not refundable. Creating separation from the chaos of everyday life is essential if we are to become our happiest selves. And it is 100% achievable through the daily practise of self-care.

Are you ready to treat yourself to a better way of living?

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