Quest For the Hope Box – John Gorman

A giant blue egg has everybody talking in Harberk’s castle. After it hatches, the baby dragon creates a heap of problems and forces the Archmage to call upon the Great Seer, Luma to help him out again. Soon Luma begins to have strange visions and is drawn to a mystical Hope Box that has been dormant for more than a century. With the help of an unseasoned crew of rookie adventures, she must lead a charge that is riddled with mishaps and chicanery. Babysitting a dragon is more than Luma had bargained for, but she needs all the help she can get. When she finally discovers the hidden Hope Box, she falls under its spell. Does she have the moxie and the magic necessary to match its mystical powers and bring it back to the Archmage?

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Written by jgorman

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