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Now You Manifest: Life-Changing Brain Hacks and Shortcuts to Train Your Mind for Success – Shin Bessee

Anyone who reads this book will benefit as they take steps towards achieving goals they never dreamed possible. With this wisdom, readers can plant the seeds of action deep inside themself. They can then learn how to cultivate internal success from these lessons, which will penetrate to the surface and reflect in all areas of their life.

To prove that these shortcut methods are effective, there are 3 real-life case studies included as examples. Manifestation, goal setting, visualization, and affirmations can help goals happen rapidly. Lessons of the Universe and imagination are also included.

Here is a list of subjects you can expect to learn and master:

– Reprogram your mind state from self-sabotage to success.

– Stop chasing, and allow solutions to come to you.

– Learn why Heart Consciousness is key to everything.

– Eliminate what’s stopping you from manifesting your goals.

– Learn how the Universe is a reflection of you.

– Understand the meaning of β€œYour energy, your rules.”

– Figure out what the Secret of Life is.

Learn to take any problem in your life and solve it. You are not unsuccessful unless you give up. You decide how to define your life.

Will be Free from Sept. 17th, 2021 to Oct. 4th, 2021

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