Children of the Empire: World on Fire – Birdy Rivers

Sometimes fairytales don’t end with a happily ever after

In this retelling of the old fairytale classic The Evil Queen has wreaked havoc within the Empire disrupting it’s time of peace. Her power and influence grow with her engagement to the leader of the Wraiths, the sinister union threatens the very essence of the empire. With the heroine Snow White absent, she is presumed dead. Hope seems to be all but lost, when Snow White is found to be in hiding, Ten years pass and Prince Xavier has found his true love, but is Snow White willing to fight her own evil stepmother who has cast a dark cloud over this once vibrant kingdom? Is she truly the fairest of them all? Prepare your mind for a journey as Birdy Rivers creates a world of epic proportions filled with twists and turns that leaves you begging for more in Children of the Empire World on Fire.

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