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Borrowed Magic – Ava Reese

Adelaide has a penchant for mishap, but this one left her with magical powers.

Adelaide is kind, generous, and probably cursed. After several failed betrothals and a history of being too near disaster, her father banishes her to the distant village of Cabbage. At 18, Adelaide is looking at spending the rest of her days in castle ruins with a grumpy old wizard, but her life gets upended again when an accident leaves her endowed with magical powers. The problem is she has no idea how to use them, and no one is willing to teach her except a ghost who only appears in her dreams. Adelaide wants to prevent marauders from destroying Cabbage, and find happiness for herself, the wizard, and her new pet griffin. But trouble is never far behind, and Adelaide must use her magic carefully before she loses everything, again.

Based on a fairy tale, this story is nestled in the forests of medieval Wales. Filled with human foibles and snappy dialogue, it follows the journey of a young woman learning to love where she will be loved in return.

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